Moving into a new to me home a few months ago, my mind was whirling with ideas on how to update our dark family room. The room was stuck in the 80s with brown paneled walls and a large brick fireplace. The goal was to update it to a modern brick fireplace. It needed a new life breathed into it. One item that made the top of the to-do list was a painted white brick fireplace.

painted white brick fireplace with black grate and mirror and mantel

We were deciding between 2 different ways to proceed with the fireplace update. One was the German Schemer technique, which we decided against based on inexperience and mess. We did not want to extend the progress of our family room remodel, we wanted to move forward with the white brick for the fireplace.

The second option was cleaning, degreasing, priming, and painting the fireplace. The fireplace was grouted with deeper definitions between the brick, adding additional character and interest.

We chose the second option and did not regret it. We worked as a team to clean and prep the fireplace. As with all painting projects, the prep work is generally the most time-consuming and essential. The results speak for themselves.

Items Needed for a painted white brick fireplace

Before and After

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