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Thank you for visiting TRU Food Love! I am Debbie, the recipe developer, food photographer, and author behind TRU Food Love. I am inspired by the beauty of food and fresh ingredients, a super fan of lemons, and local farmer’s markets bring a smile to my face!

About TRU Food Love

At TRU Food Love, I’m inspired by fresh ingredients and the beauty of GOOD food. Creating meals that are delicious to eat, beautiful to plate, and that come with a bit of a culinary adventure. The goal is to inspire all cuisines-comfort food and love behind a fantastic dish using seasonal ingredients.

About Me

I’ve started the sweetest second act with a new marriage and began the second half of life. This means enjoying family, friends, food recipes, the curiosity for DIY home projects, and expressing creative energy.

My love of food came in my 20s when I was exposed to new travels and expanded my palette. Childhood meals were simple, mainly because expenses were tight.

headshot of debbie truman tossing a lemon

As a self-taught cook, I learned so much from my “original” mother-in-law, a fantastic cook providing for a family of 8, and her ability to entertain a large crowd was always seamless. With the desire to learn and grow with my passion for food, I tend to test my recipes as least twice. I’m still learning new techniques and flavors, and excited to share those with you. Flavorful culinary adventures are what it is all about!

Inspiration for recipes and cooking comes from my dining adventures, love of fresh seasonal ingredients, new cooking techniques, and a gorgeous styled plate of food. I am a home cook and love to share my creations from the kitchen with my husband, the girls, and this excellent foodie community!

The passion I have for photography started when I received my first camera at 15. Most of those beginning images were documenting the antics of myself and my friends. We had a lot of fun in the eighties! These photos were shared in photo albums and always printed doubles for sharing! I continue to practice my new skills in food photography and learn from the talented food photographers sharing their experiences and knowledge.

My day job is a true joy. I am a WordPress web designer and developer, continuing to grow my creative and analytical experience daily. I build professional and functional websites for small to medium size businesses. The website projects I create always focus on having search engine optimization at the forefront of the strategy and process. The finished website checks the box for performance, speed, and accessibility.

Here you will find flavorful home-cooked recipes, beautiful food photography, and DIY home projects that elevate your house into a home. Sharing what I have learned through the years and continue to learn about cooking, entertaining, and possibly geeking out about web design. I’m bringing my non-social media husband along for the ride.

xoxo, Debbie

My Kitchen

My kitchen is small but mighty. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my love of food and styling with family and friends.